Technical Schools

The Challenge
Preparing the Next Generation

Access to representative makes and models to best prepare the next generation of technicians is difficult.  Technical schools often rely on donated equipment and training aids that may not always be the best example of what a student may work on when they enter the workforce. This includes the increasingly complex power units that are electrified or soon to be autonomous. Yet, technical schools are dedicated to graduating quality technicians.

The Solution


1 Instantly Train

Enhance your curriculum with virtual equipment training for your students with our step by step  augmented reality content. Students will have access to customized legacy and  newly purchased maintenance and repair content at the click of a button.

2 Instantly Share

Have a part that you wish your students could train on, but don’t have access to it?  With AUGMENTOR ™ create 3D models of equipment and instantly share it with your students and instructors. 

3 Instantly Communicate

Need to provide training but have limits on classroom sizes? With our live video conferencing, you can host courses, interact with your audience live all while having access to custom content created by your organization, directly from AUGMENTOR

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