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Part Supplier’s have been tasked with providing critical maintenance and repair procedures to each of their customers technicians. In order to meet the demand of the customers, suppliers often travel to each of their customers or host regional technician training events.

Not only is this costly, but it can take a long time for supplier to educate a single fleet’s workforce, let alone the technicians at all their customers. Customers rely on receiving information in a timely fashion, particularly as part of a campaign, or a common issue that impacts a large percentage of their equipment.



Instructor-led and self-guided training enhanced with augmented reality


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"AUGMENTOR™ Virtual Equipment Training enables training to include actual and virtual parts, systems and vehicles in one solution. Additionally, with AUGMENTOR™, training content can be supplied quickly and easily to technicians on mobile devices in addition to HoloLens headsets."
Commercial Carrier Journal
“Augmented and virtual reality are prime tools to engage and teach tech-savvy younger generations, that ultimately have to find their way into our workplace. Currently AUGMENTOR™ is working with the ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council to develop an AR game."
Heavy Duty Trucking
"The emphasis really is on training tools where people can collaborate, share between and within organizations to prevent `{`coronavirus`}` exposure, but still do it in an effective manner, AUGMENTOR™ provides its users with that capability."
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