Independent Repair Shops

The Challenge
Improve First Time Fix Rates

The need to providing emergency repair services or routine maintenance for multiple fleets that carry various makes and models requires an experienced and flexible workforce.  A technician has to be prepared to switch from one aging OEM model to a brand new version instantly and accurately.  This makes inspections and decision making difficult even for a veteran technician, let alone a new hire fresh from a technical school.

The Solution


1 Instantly Train

Deliver standardized training to your  fleet customers with our step by step procedural content. Technicians will have access to customized legacy and  newly purchased maintenance and repair content at the click of a button.

2 Instantly Share

Have a part that’s recently been recalled and need to share that information immediately?  With AUGMENTOR rapidly share and send information amongst your fleet customers instantly.

3 Instantly Communicate

Need to communicate affiliate content from your facilitate to all of your customers at a click of a button?  With our web portal, OEM’s have the ability to keep their fleet customers update on information regarding parts and repair.

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