AR Software Solution for Fleet Maintenance and Repair

AUGMENTOR™ is an easy to use augmented reality software solution designed for fleet maintenance and repair. Enhance your traditional maintenance processes and begin to Replicate Your Experts™ today!

Replicate Your Experts™

Instantly create and publish training content that can be shared across the enterprise.

Part Suppliers

Use remote video calling as part of your technical support service and deliver training to all fleets and dealers simultaneously


Standardize preventive maintenance procedures, pre trip inspections, cross train technicians and accelerate competency.


Bring all equipment supplier information into a single location for all your fleet customers using AUGMENTOR™ affiliate program.

Independent Repair Shops

Provide just in time support to technicians as they inspect and repair all makes and models.


Rapidly train technicians to execute warranty repairs and standardize maintenance procedures.

Technical Schools

Provide procedural training, have students create and share solutions and use video collaboration to instruct in real time.

Trust & integrity: Our recipe for success

We focus on optimizing technicians performance while reducing cost

Get a smarter training and maintenance solution

Utilizing the latest in augmented reality technology, with AUGMENTOR™ you can instantly optimize your training process.

Reduced travel cost with remote video calling
Increased first time fix rates with virtual equipment training
Standardize training with constant communication

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