The Challenge
Improving Compliance Rates

Fleet technicians are distributed across many facilities and are asked to inspect and repair equipment of increasing complexity. This complexity increases the difficulty of the job, particularly for younger technicians while a high number of retirements has made one to one mentorship difficult. This results in low compliance to standard procedures and a decrease in first time fix rates.

The Solution


1 Instantly Train

Conquer the Silver Tsunami and Replicate Your Experts ™ with our easy to use web portal authoring tool. Younger fleet technicians will have access to step by step maintenance and repair procedures with the click of a button.

2 Instantly Communicate

Have a technician that needs help? With Remote Collaboration Video Calling, fleet technicians are able to instantly communicate with their technicians without leaving the office. Technicians can now access the video chat while simultaneously working on a procedure.

3 Instantly Share

Need to share information instantly? With AUGMENTOR rapidly send information amongst fleets instantly.

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