Replicate Your Experts™

AUGMENTOR ® provides your enterprise with a remote maintenance training solution that allows technicians to remain connected and productive. Contact us today to get started!

Virtual Equipment Training

Utilizing 3D imaging your technicians have the ability to conduct training even when a vehicle or piece of equipment is unavailable.

Remote Video Calling

Stay connected with your remote workforce while supporting the self-guided training process with 1:1 in app video calling.


Live stream AR enhanced instructor-led training to over 200 remote locations with the click of a button.

Custom Content

Create customized content that is just right for your enterprise with the help of our easy to use authoring portal.

Enhance Your Remote Training Process

Use Cases


Standardize preventive maintenance procedures, pre trip inspections, cross train technicians and accelerate competency.

Independent Repair Shops

Provide just in time support to technicians as they inspect and repair all makes and models.

Parts Supplier

Use remote video calling as part of your technical support service and deliver training to all fleets and dealers simultaneously

Next Generation Maintenance Training

Train Anytime. Anywhere.

We help enterprises maximize their technicians productivity by implementing a customized remote training solution that meets the needs of your enterprise.

Remote Training Resources