The Challenge

Improve First Time Fix Rates

Providing repair services or routine maintenance for equipment and parts under warranty requires adherence to standard procedures. Dealers may have many locations and technicians, some of whom are brand new hires.  The technicians must be brought up to speed on standard procedures quickly and apply to both legacy equipment and brand new models that may have complex new parts or systems. Regardless of complexity and whether the equipment is new or legacy, the technicians have to efficiently get that work done, and get it right the first time so the Fleet can put it back in service

The Solution


1 Instantly Share

Dealers can rapidly share information and improve first time fix rates with AUGMENTOR Remote Collaboration Video Calling and easy to use web portal, you can instantly share valuable information across multiple facilitates at  the click of a button.

2 Instantly Train

Deliver standardized training and improve first time fix rates  with step by step procedural content. Technicians will have access to customized legacy and  newly purchased maintenance and repair content at the click of a button.

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