Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week Announces Workshop Speakers

Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW), North America’s largest gathering of the independent heavy-duty aftermarket industry, recently announced their roster of prominent industry thought leaders to lead HDAW ‘ 20’s education program. Design Interactive’s (DI), Matt Johnston has been selected to present during HDAW’s which will be held at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, January 27-30, 2020 in Grapevine, TX.

This session will delve into dispelling common augmented reality myths

“HDAW is distinctively equipped to provide the heavy-duty aftermarket industry with educational resources required to conquer challenges and command the road ahead,” said Sean Ryan, President and Treasurer at Point Spring & Driveshaft Co. and HDAW ‘20 distributor co-chair. “HDAW ‘20’s featured education topics will provide attendees with next-generation solutions, tools and knowledge they need to succeed through the evolution of our industry.

Design Interactive’s Matt Johnston will be addressing common concerns regarding augmented reality technology adoption into an enterprise. As the augmented reality industry continues to grow, there has been an equal amount of hesitant in adopting AR as a solution for inconsistent training practices. This session will delve into dispelling common augmented reality myths such as AR technology is too expensive, it’s hard to use and the headset is uncomfortable.

Johnston will then address how an organization can overcome barriers to technology adoption to ensure training effectiveness and reduced training cost. As the Division Head of Commercial Solutions, Matt Johnston has over 13 years of experience training and developing augmented and virtual reality technologies. Currently, his team has developed AUGMENTOR™, an augmented reality troubleshooting and maintenance training platform for the trucking industry.

Matt Johnston will be presenting on Monday, January 27, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. – 10:10 a.m.

For more information visit Goaugmentor.com

Developed by Design Interactive, AUGMENTOR™ is a troubleshooting and maintenance training software. Designed with the automotive industry in mind, you can now improve your training, reduce cost and replicate your experts!

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DI’s AUGMENTOR™ Introduces Remote Collaboration Video Calling

Design Interactive’s AUGMENTOR™ , an Augmented Reality(AR) training solution for fleet maintenance personnel, vendors and OEMs, announced today the release of their latest feature, Remote Collaboration Video Calling (RCVC). “ Technicians now have the ability when they are working on a truck to contact other technicians or experts and simultaneously see the procedures they need to execute in real time,” said Matt Johnston, DI’s Commercial Solutions Division Head. “With this new capability, the AUGMENTOR™ platform becomes a highly interactive device. This speeds up the techs ability to solve a problem or complete a repair correctly.”

New Feature Connects Technicians Instantly

With RCVC technicians are instantly connected to several sources. From other technicians, managers and training personnel, techs now have access to procedures, OEM and/or manufacturer’s technical center. Also, while on a call technicians can access procedures they need to execute repairs in real time.

RCVC Makes Jobs Easier

For suppliers gone are the days where you physically need to go to a facility to solve a problem. Remote Collaboration Video Calling can be used to provide training modules, and document advice. Enterprises can also use the system to manage multiple calls or to follow up if call volume is high. Utilizing augmented reality ,video- and computer-based technologies, technicians can be effectively trained regardless of their environment. With AUGMENTOR™ you can ensure consistent training as well as shorter repair and diagnostic times.

AUGMENTOR™ also features a web portal for creating, editing and distributing training modules to Android, iOS ,and the HoloLens quickly and effectively across multiple locations.

The new Remote Collaboration Video Calling feature for AUGMENTOR™ is now available on mobile devices and in the AUGMENTOR™ web portal, and a version for HoloLens headsets will be released in the in first quarter of 2020.

For more information on how you can schedule a demo contact Matt Johnston at matthew@designinteractive.net.

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How Augmented Reality software AUGMENTOR™ is reinventing maintenance training

One of the largest annual aftermarket conferences is AAPEX, with about 161,938 attendees and 71,350 of those attendees being buyers. AAPEX is the place to be when it comes to learning, trying and potentially buying anything in the aftermarket space. Spanning two days industry professionals could expect to attend networking events and seminars in addition to exploring the booths of thousands of vendors. Design Interactive’s AUGMENTOR™ team partnered with MOTOR Information Systems to showcase how useful AUGMENTOR™ augmented reality technology can be to the automotive industry.

Companies have started to investigate augmented reality training software

Developed by Design Interactive, a family owned technology company,AUGMENTOR™ is an augmented reality software for maintenance training and repair. This software provides its users the ability to create, publish and apply their own content onto a Microsoft HoloLens or mobile device. In addition to the products ease of use, it is easily adaptable by automotive mechanics regardless of their technology level. However, with the need forr younger technicians to enter the field, automotive companies have started to investigate AR training and troubleshooting software to help attract the next generation of techs who are already familiar with this type of technology

AUGMENTOR™ brings interactivity and hands-on learning into the shop

Associated with MOTOR Information Systems, Design Interactive showcased its flagship product, AUGMENTOR™, to over 160,000 attendees. The partnership demonstrated a concept product that utilizes the more than 8.9 billion data relationships behind all of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. The concept demos utilized AUGMENTOR™’s new virtual equipment training functionality to demonstrate how easy it is to educate newly hired technicians.

The “F150 Demo” featured multiple parts of a 21-point inspection by demonstrating part location and identification, wiring & parts diagrams, OEM video instruction, and Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) info. Rather than offering technicians mobile and/or desktop video training solutions, AUGMENTOR™ brings interactivity and hands-on learning into the shop – even when training parts or classrooms are not available. This leap in instruction not only increases retention, but is the perfect tool for improving your techs knowledge during downtime between repair jobs. Using integrated MOTOR™ data, shop owners can be confident their technicians are receiving accurate and standardized training in an industry that is constantly evolving while not forgetting its roots.

Investing in technician training can be incredibly expensive considering the travel, shipping, and time costs associated with leading this effort on a per shop basis. With AUGMENTOR™, up-to-date repair procedures are rapidly shared across your enterprise over multiple locations.

Still on the fence about why your company should be investing in augmented reality?

Then check out our blog post here.


For more information on AUGMENTOR™ contact Matt Johnston at matthew@designinteractive.net

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Design Interactive’s Matt Johnston to speak at TMC’s Future Truck Session

Design Interactive’s Matt Johnston, the chair of the AR/VR task force of the American Trucking Association’s Technology and Maintenance council will be speaking at the TMC’s Future Truck session in Raleigh Durham along with Holly Gerke of Penske. The session will take place Tuesday September 17th, from 2-3 at the Raleigh Convention Center.


I had a chance to speak with Matt about what the audience can expect during the session.


First, what is the role of the AR/VR task force within the TMC?

The task force is a response to the growth of this technology in other industries such as manufacturing, aerospace, education and defense. There is certainly some apprehension with respect to adopting this technology in the trucking industry. Stakeholders, be they fleets, suppliers, OEMs or dealers have some serious and legitimate questions about the value of AR and VR for their operations. The task force is intended to help answer some of these questions.

In the process of answering these questions, the task force is a venue for sharing and creating best practices, guidelines and ultimately recommended practices that the TMC can endorse. We want to encourage collaboration. Many firms have invested time and money in AR/VR initiatives but are often reluctant to share the results. This task force can be a friendly venue for sharing.

Why is AR/VR an important topic for the trucking industry?

The adoption of AR and VR in industry is happening and if a firm hasn’t explored yet, this technology is going to be an inevitable part of operations and training in the near future. But you don’t adopt just because other industries are finding success. We have to look at some of the challenges facing the industry such as a struggle to recruit, retirements draining knowledge, the significant increase in the complexity of equipment including the adoption of autonomous vehicles and electrification.

AR and VR are just two tools that may help address each of these challenges. For example, the next generation technician is growing up with AR on their phones and tablets and VR headsets can now be purchased for less than the cost of a gaming console.As they become more ever – present this technology may be effectively used in recruiting or as training devices. The key though is to evaluate the technology and the software for how well they might help address these challenges. If the next generation develops an expectation for it, it is in the best interest of the trucking industry to explore the best use cases today.

The adoption of AR and VR is happening and if a firm hasn’t explored yet, this technology is going to be an inevitable part of operations and training in the near future.

What can the audience expect during the session?

There will be two speakers this time, myself and Holly Gerke of Penske. Together we will be speaking on the value of AR and VR. Ms. Gerke will be speaking about how Penske, a very large firm envisions the potential use of AR. I will share the results of a pilot program that was a collaboration between a large fleet and a part supplier. In particular, I will share how technicians responded to the technology initially and how well it ultimately support training on an infrequent but important task. Lastly, I will share the vision of a technical college out of Orlando. They are a very forward thinking school that is incorporating the use of AR and VR into their technician curriculum. What makes them so interesting is that they also have a separate program that teaches students how to create AR and VR experiences.

Moving forward, what is the vision for the task force?

I want to make sure that we address the needs of different stakeholders. This means sharing best practices that resonate with fleet maintenance operations but also with suppliers, OEMs, dealers and the technical schools. This isn’t about providing answers necessarily, but rather giving these firms the tools they need to make effective decisions. We hope to create a friendly venue for firms, even competitors to share their experience, create new recommended practices and standards for how the technology can be used but first we want to just encourage members of the TMC to get started.

If you are planning to attend TMC and are interested in checking out the AR/VR session here are more details:

Who: Matt Johnston, Design Interactive and Holly Gerke, Penske

What: Topics on the value of Augmented and Virtual Reality to the Trucking Industry

  • Value of AR and VR to a large fleet
  • A collaborative pilot program between a fleet, supplier and service provider
  • A vision for how AR/VR can improve technical school training programs

Where: Raleigh Convention Center, Raleigh NC.

When: Tuesday, September 17th, 2pm – 3pm (Future Truck runs all day)

For more information about AR, VR and Design Interactive’s services please contact Matt Johnston at matthew.johnston@designinteractive.net.

To learn about Design Interactive’s AUGMENTORTM, an enterprise augmented reality job aid and training solution, visit GoAugmentor.com for more information!

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